Auto & General Theatre on The Square
Nelson Mandela Square
Sandton, JHB (27-31 August 2019)

Show Dates: Tuesday 27th -Saturday 31 August 2019
  Time: 8:15pm
Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

(NEW SHOW ADDED: 31 August 2019 at 6pm)

BOOK HERE Via Computicket or call the theatre on 0118838606 to book your seats.

 Fresh from astonishing audiences in New York and Hollywood, Mo Magic brings his show to Johannesburg!


Having captivated audiences on television and stages internationally, Mo Magic will intrigue, astonish and entertain you, leaving you spellbound by his combination of world class magic, mystifying mentalism and family friendly comedy.

In his interactive performance at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square, running from 27 – 31 August 2019, Mo will invite audience members on stage to be part of the show. Without giving too much away, the audience can expect the magician to read their thoughts, make money multiply, levitation and more. With the variety of material, this is one of a kind experience that you can share with the entire family.

Mo’s affable demeanour will romance and charm you, his clean comedy will keep you entertained and his sophisticated magic and mentalism skills will leave you in gasps and questioning what’s possible, as he takes you on a journey of joy and delight with his performance. The show combines a number of illusions and routines from Mo’s various theatre productions, including a few new surprises, and if you have not seen Mo Magic in action before, now is the perfect time, as this is the only run of the show scheduled for Johannesburg in 2019.

Whilst the art of magic has once again become popular over the last few years as seen on international television, the magician has been astounding audiences on a full time basis since 2010. He discovered his passion for the art of magic a few years earlier, as a university student, whilst studying towards his engineering degree. This passion evolved into a part time career whilst he worked in industry as an engineer and project manager. 

Following his bliss, the engineer resigned from a lucrative career in the automotive industry and transitioned into full time entertainer. In the 9 years that followed, he has achieved a number of prestigious accolades that include various theatre shows, a prime time TV series of SABC3 that rose to the second most watched South African series on SABC3, and of which TVSA wrote, “Magic with Mo pulls out an Ace for SABC3”.

Being regularly featured in various forms of media internationally, his journey, contribution to the art and accomplishments have been recognised in the international magic community as he is the first and only South African magician to be featured on the cover of the world’s largest magazine. Many regard Mo as South Africa’s top magician and when asked about his accomplishments, he is thankful and attributes his success to his passion turned mission of spreading joy & delight through his work, that he finds extremely fulfilling. 

Mo believes that the art of magic is a beautiful metaphor for living the impossible and his uplifting performance contains a positive message of believing in your dreams, experiencing joy and whether you are a fan of magic, the arts or want to escape the day to day routine, this show is perfect for you, family, friends and colleagues. 




BOOK HERE on Computicket or call the theatre on 0118838606 to book your seats.


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