Virtual Show

The world has changed drastically in the last few months and while healthcare professionals do their best to treat the pandemic and develop a long-term solution, the public is trying to adapt to this “new normal”. 

Much has changed, but South African magician Mo Magic has remained true to his mission of “Spreading Joy & Delight”. This, too, despite being unable to serve his loyal clients and perform for his fans in the traditional sense.

“People need to experience joy and connection, now more than ever,” says the magician. “Right now, we all need that extra bit of delight in our lives”, he adds.

Regarded by many as South Africa’s top magician – who starred in his own 13-part primetime TV magic series, toured SA with theatre shows, regularly performed on stages across the globe, and being the only magician in Africa to have his own Showmax special – the entertainer extraordinaire has spent the last few months designing a new show, specifically for the interactive, online experience.

While many are “social distancing”, Mo’s aim was to create a show that connects audience members, allowing them to have the experience of magic, despite the physical distance. Calling on his 17 years of experience in the world of magic, and driven by a desire to create something truly memorable, the magician has produced a show that combines participation from the audience with visually engaging routines. Some of the magic even happens in the participants” hands and minds on their side of the screen as other viewers share in this excitement – creating memories that will be spoken about long after the show.

Themed to events in the last few months, the show is aptly titled: “MO MAGIC: NEW NORMAL”. Using the Zoom Video Conferencing tool, along with a high speed fibre connection, top notch HD camera and broadcast quality lighting, the show is set up to ensure a quality streaming and viewing experience.

A host welcomes the audience into the virtual theatre, explaining the house rules and what the participants and audience can expect. Mo then commences his performance. The audience will relate to the premises, presentations and humour, all while being enchanted and entertained by Mo’s world class magic, mystifying mentalism & family-friendly comedy, As in every performance, Mo leaves the audience with a positive message and experience.

Having announced the title of the show on Mo’s social media at the end of June 2020, the show is now available for corporate clients globally and is customisable to each client based on time, message and any other requirements.

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Ps: If you are in South Africa or Africa, you can watch Mo’s latest theatre special “MO MAGIC LIVE” via Showmax/DSTV. Watch a 30s Trailer here.