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Starring magician Mo Magic, this 13 part TV series exploresMo Magic TV Show SABC 3 his vision to share the experience of magic with as many South Africans as possible across the television platform. A dream that originated over ten years ago, has now become a reality, he is thrilled to share his magic with the TV viewing public. Mo Magic is only the third magician in 50 years to hold a TV magic series in South Africa, and only the second to have it commissioned by the SABC.

The show aired every Saturday from 17 October 2015 until the 9 January 2016 – a season lasting 3 months.

For a first of its kind on South African TV, and untested,

the show rose to being the second most watched South African show on SABC3, behind  daily soapie/drama Isidingo.

The only international shows with higher viewerships were the Bold & the Beautiful and Days of our Lives.

Popular television blog TVSA covered this success as its cover story for one of the weeks saying
Magic with Mo has pulled out an Ace for SABC3 with a whopping increase in viewership since its premiere”

The article included the following…

“… a whopping increase of 73% from the premiere. Not an easy feat on a Saturday night.

This growth is a good example of a show slowly building by being engaging or entertaining. Well done, Mo.”

On the 9 January 2016, on the evening of the season finale, Mo Magic held a private screening for a few friends and guests who featured in the episode, thanking all those who contributed to making “Magic with Mo” a tremendous success and took a moment to record and post the following video on social media. Here he thanked to the South African viewing public for their support and for making the show a success and proposed a toast with non alcoholic bubbly.

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The Title Sequence

The Title Sequence Narrative

“Magic exists all around us,
It’s in the beauty of a sunrise,
In the delight of a child’s laugh,
In the memories evoked by a piece of music.

The moments uplift and inspire us.

Using the art of magic,
I create moments,
that astonish, entertain and inspire,
I am Mo Magic.”

The aim of the title sequence was to clearly express Mo’s understanding and reason for performing the art of magic. He uses the art form to astonish, entertain and inspire audiences. Seeing as the media have dubbed as the James Bond of Magic, due to his style, certain of these elements were included. Naturally, a number of reaction shots were included showing the audiences positive response to his magic.

SABC 3 Press Release

Magic with Mo a first of its kind on South African television will premiere on SABC3 from Saturday, 17 October at 19:00.

Magic with Mo named after the host, this prime TV series features South African magician Mo Magic, as he meets celebrities, sports stars and other South Africans, astonishing them at various locations with his magic that has featured him regularly in all forms of media, locally and abroad.

A first of its kind on SA TV, the show follows a similar format to other popular international TV magic shows, with one exception – The show will include an uplifting and inspirational element, where Mo Magic engages with guests asking them about their careers and to share their unique inspirational message with viewers. The show thus aims to astonish, entertain and inspire audiences.

Produced by Blingola Media, the show has been commissioned for SABC3 and will air every Saturday at 7pm.

Meet Mo Magic: The Performer

Regarded by many as South Africa’s top magician, and dubbed as the “James Bond of Magic” by the media, Mo Magic uses the art of magic to astonish, entertain and inspire. An electronic engineer by qualification, Mo discovered his passion for magic as a hobby at university. It soon grew to a passion and evolved into a part time career. In 2010, after working as a project manager in industry, he resigned to focus on his passion for the art of magic.

He is South Africa’s most media featured magician, appearing on many TV shows including Top Billing, Expresso, Mela and prime time TV news. He has earned multiple accolades for his magic and has performed in numerous countries globally. His repertoire includes a variety of world class magic and he combines his magical effects with contemporary presentations to connect with and intrigue audiences.

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